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What's happening at Viking

MEMBERSHIP: Registration is now open for Viking’s 2016-17 season here. Go here for information about types of membership, plus members’ privileges and responsibilities. (Oct. 6)

CARTE RÉSEAU: Go here to find out how buy your Carte Réaseau this season. (Dec. 5)

TRAIL CLEARING DONE: A larger-than-expected group turned out for the final day of trail clearing Saturday, November 12, to work on the Racing Trails, the Green and the snowshoe trails. Many thanks to Doug Bowes-Lyon – and everyone who worked throughout the fall. Details about last Saturday here. (Nov. 13)

GUS O’GORMAN: Died October 27. Obituary here. Husband of Karin Austin, (granddaughter of Jackrabbit Smith-Johannsen). They were Viking members from 1978 to 1993. Karin was instrumental in Viking receiving a recent $15,000 donation from the Laurentian Lodge Club. (Nov. 11)

BOARD POSITION - LAC PELLETIER: The Viking board has prepared this letter, outlining their position on the development plans around lac Pelletier. (Oct. 13)

COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSES: Are you interested in teaching cross-country skiing or biathlon and coaching children? Would you like to coach at Viking? Go here for more information. (Oct. 25)

VIKING NAMED A MORIN-HEIGHTS “TREASURE”: At the Journées de la culture October 1, 20 Morin-Heights cultural treasures, chosen by residents, were named. Among them: local ski culture, and in particular Viking Ski Club. (Oct. 3)

KARL BAADSVIK FUND: What is it? How can it help Viking? Read about it here. (Dec. 13)

PHOTOS: here.

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