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Sunday, Februay 7, 2016


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What's happening at Viking

MEMBERSHIP – FEES GO UP DEC. 1: Our new online registration is working well, but note that fees go up December 1. Renew your membership here. Registration is being handled through Zone 4, which charges a $1 fee for each registration, plus an additional $1 for each person being registered. Fees can be paid by credit card (3% added) or cheque. As part of your registration payment, please consider a donation to the Karl Baadsvik fund. There’s a section on the registration form for this. (Nov. 22)

FINAL TRAIL CLEARING DAY: On Saturday, November 21, two teams finished the remaining bits of trail clearing. Details here. At the end of the day John Masse and other participants cleaned up and stored all the trail clearing equipment for the winter. Many thanks to everyone who helped. (Nov. 22)

TRAIL CLEARING COMPLETE: Doug Bowes-Lyon reports a successful trail clearing effort this fall. Some 58 people (including a couple of non-members) put in 104 days to complete this very important task. Doug notes that the cost for this work would amount to more than $11,000. And it likely wouldn’t be as well done as our members do it. (Nov. 22)

SNOWSHOE TRAILS: Chris Teron has GPSed and marked the snowshoe trails behind the clubhouse – with help from Don Hetherington, Louisa Teron and Benita Stoyel. Don is the director responsible for the snowshoe network and will oversee the maintenance of these trails, which have been somewhat neglected in the past few years. (Nov. 22)

THE MYSTERY OF THE DISAPPEARING TABLE AND CHAIRS: It seems that a table and several chairs have gone missing from the kitchen area of the clubhouse. If someone borrowed these over the summer, please return them. Otherwise it’s feared that people will end up having to sit on the floor. Contact Doug Bowes-Lyon if you can help solve the mystery. (Nov. 22)

BIATHLON COACHING COURSE: Sunday, November 28. This one-day course, in the Ottawa area, is open to all Viking members or anyone interested in becoming certified. If you’re interested, contact Grant McKenna. (Oct. 26)

LOPPET AND CSM DATES IN 2016: Viking Morin-Heights Loppet, February 7. Canadian Ski Marathon, February 20 & 21. (Oct. 18)

MEDALS FOR OLIVIA: Local x-c ski star and former Viking Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt has won three medals at the New Zealand Winter Games. Details here. Olivia has been named to the senior national team. (Sept. 12)

KARL BAADSVIK FUND: What is it? How can it help Viking? Read about it here. (Dec. 13)

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